Alyssa. 18. Fighting life and finding hope. Believer in God.

Hebrews 13:5 Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have. Lord help me be content with what I have! You have given me so much in my life Lord and I am so happy. Help me not to be jealous of others. Thank you so much Lord for everything in my life. Thank you for providing. :).

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I cannot contain by joy! I have been giving everything to the Lord lately and look what I get? A job! I was having issues finding money to pay for everything next year and I want to go to Hawaii to visit a friend and God provided everything. :) with this new job I will be able to make hopefully $1,000 in three months :). I also felt that I did really well on my Psych exam. GOD IS SOOO WONDERFUL! Praise be to the King!

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Sometimes the urge just comes back as if nothing ever happened. If I had never stopped hurting myself. It has been seven years and I want to do it. I hate not belonging. I hate not being invited to do things with my friends. I am so annoyed and all I want is the pain to go away, meaning I give myself pain and go numb. But I wil not do that. I promised myself. I am hoping God will cure my heart. He does know that I am lonely and he does love me. I guess that is a little reassuring.

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Sometimes I get angry and I wonder why? Why am I so angry at the world? I should be happy and rejoiced! I only have less than 100 years on earth and an eternity in heaven. I need to do God’s will, stop worrying, and be happy! I need to rejoice when I study because I get the ability to learn! Lord help me through finals.

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The moment when you decide to put all your worries in God’s hand because you cannot do this without him. It is one of the most fantastic feelings inside. :).

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I hope that I can get through this week. God I need your strength to help me study and concentrate. I need your hope so that I can be hopeful that this week will go by fast and that I will be home soon with my friends and family.

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I know God has a beautiful plan for me. I just need patience. I have a desire to find my husband but I know God will bring him along in my life when I am ready.

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Fighting life.

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I have a desire to cut because everything is wrong right now. I know I will not do it. I promised myself never to do it again. But that does not mean that I do not want to do it. I need help through this struggle. My life is so messed up I just need the pain to be relieved.

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